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インドツアーで思ったこと - This is what I thought through the India tour
2012.05.11 20:27
    When Akim (Zeb Roc Ski) told me about his project in India "”INDO-GERMAN HIP HOP & URBAN ART PROJECT“", I decided to join it very quick, because I had been attracted by the country "INDIA" for long time.
    Painting everyday and sometimes workshop too in hot hot weather was physically hard for me, but that was great to work with & meet people who have positive, strong passion.
    There're no enough safe place to dance practice. Spray cans and markers are very expensive in India.
    But I saw those HipHop 1st generations (Most of them are teenager!) are so dedicating with good passion to what they do.
    They were so friendly and fresh! I'm happy to be friend with them.
    I wanted to shout to Afrika Bambaataa and all HipHop pioneers that "Hey, HipHop which you made is giving lights to so many kids life! Thank you!"
    I wish they will continue to tell "true HipHop" to younger generation getting advised from nice people. I'm looking forward to seeing how they are growing 10years later..
    India is a very traditional country. They have many of religion, costumes, and original letters. That was very impressive to see graffiti writers writing graffiti with Indian letters, MC girl rapping with Indian costume on..
    That taught me HipHop should grow up with the original culture of the country / community. I thought about my country Japanese tradition, then now I want to focus on that for my artwork too.

    ..I saw many people sleeping/surviving in dusty street (including tiny babies), dangerous traffic, many mosquito, and hot weather..
    I thought like "What is hope for them?" "Life is not fair.."..
    That situation must have been continuing years and years.. I am too tiny to do something for those people.

    Akim showed me about the activity called "Tiny Drops(" which he is supporting. Tiny Drops is organised by Heera, an Indian B-Boy who grow up in NYC. I really like that philosophy and the name.

    Each tiny drops are very very little, but many of tiny drops are making a stream which is helping more people..
    I thought if my graffiti skill or medical skill will be also the tiny drops for that too.

    I appreciate to Zeb Roc Ski and all the people who gave me opportunities to be a part of this project and opportunity to make me to think like this way.
    I'm looking forward to going back to India again.

    最初AKIM(Zeb Roc Ski)から”INDO-GERMAN HIP HOP & URBAN ART PROJECT“のことを聞いた時迷わずあたしも行きたい!
    Afrika BambaataaさんやHipHop作った人たちに「あなた達の作ったHipHopはすごいたくさんの子供達の人生に光を与えているよー!ありがとう!」と言いたくなった。

    交通事情はめちゃくちゃで危ないし、蚊とか虫がいっぱいいるし不衛生だし、過酷な気象条件、崩れかけた廃墟の前で、生まれたての赤ちゃんを含むたくさんの人たちがホコリだらけの道で眠ったり、お金を無心したりして生活しているのも見た。「この人たちにとって人生の希望って何かな」とか「人生ってホントに公平じゃないな」とかいろいろ思った。でもこの状況ってインドではもう何百年も続いていることで、自分がその人たちのために何かするにはすごくちっぽけだと思った。AKIMが『Tiny Drops(』という彼がサポートするインドのHipHopキッズのための活動のことを教えてくれて、その信念や名前がとても好きだと思った。一滴のしずくはちっぽけだけど、それがたくさん集まったら川になってもっとたくさんの人を助けることができるから。
    あたしのアーティストとしてのスキル、医療従事者としてのスキルもTiny Drop(一滴のしずく)になって役立つだろうかと考えた。
    最後に、プロジェクトに参加する機会やたくさんの大切な経験をする機会をくれたZeb Roc Ski、インドでわたしと関わってくれた人たちに感謝します。次にまたインド行くのを楽しみにしています^^